inside 2At INSIDE OUT, we take the best self-development resources and strategies available to adults and make them relevant and engaging to children.

We make adult mindfulness child friendly. Here’s what you gotta do:


1. Feel your feet on the ground

2. Feel your belly and breathing

3. Feel the weather inside

We call it the FBW for short (feet/breathing/weather). Children express their inner emotions by relating how they are feeling to the weather. It enables them to de-stress, stay focused and share what’s going on inside.

duck belly 300Our INSIDE OUTers used ducks to help them understand belly breathing on our magical day at Checkendon. Bellies and ducks would rise and they would fall with each belly breath in and each belly breath out. The children understood the connection and had lots of fun practicing…and they loved the ducks!

What weather inside are you feeling right now?

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