2016-05-07 - inside out - circle image

At the start of each Magical Day Out, we all sit in a circle and I say to our new group of 10 INSIDE OUTers — “Today isn’t about getting things right or wrong. It’s just about giving things a go.” The children never cease to surprise us and to amaze themselves in the process.

They dig deep, quite literally at times. They turn clumps of mud into super heroes … conquer fears and get on the horse … learn how to “feel the weather inside” … rebuild villages for the tiny choo choo people of the woods and then dig some more. They give things a go. They find the strength and don’t give up. Their minds open to something so exciting and different. Each at their own pace. They are brave, creative and kind in ways they might not of thought possible at the start of the day. And they are so proud of themselves.

At the start off this New Year, how about giving things a go? Dig deep, I dare ya. You might just amaze yourself too.

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