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INSIDE OUT is an innovative self-development programme for young children (ages 7-11) – designed to improve their wellbeing, learning behaviours and mental health. We take self-development resources and strategies available to adults and make them relevant and engaging to children. We do this through creative theme-based workshops grounded in the science of happiness, the wonder of nature, and the art of mindfulness.

A blend of experiential activities around animals, nature, art and wellbeing give children the opportunity to:

  • Ride and care for a horse
  • Explore and discover their natural world
  • Gain an appreciation for the environment and their role in it
  • Create nature art
  • Practice mindful breathing and sensing

The Benefits

By learning through doing on the INSIDE OUT programme, children gain a ‘toolkit’ of practical skills and activities that they can use in their daily lives to help them focus, build confidence and resilience, and feel good about themselves. These are skills that help to support their learning and have been integrated in creative ways into the curriculums of the schools that have participated in the programme.  It is well proven that:

  • Playing the natural world is vital for children’s wellbeing
  • Mindfulness helps children de-stress and stay focused
  • Interacting with horses, children build character
  • Happy children are healthy children

Our Values

They serve as our compass for everything we do.

  • Have fun
  • Keep it simple
  • Experiment
  • Be mindful
  • Be kind

Our values are the roots that ground us and connect everything we do. They are reflected in how we interact with each other as a team, how we interact with the children and their teachers and parents, and how we interact with our supporters and friends. They are reflected in how we think, how we act, and how we communicate. As we grow, we endeavour to always keep our values the same.

Read more about the WHOWHY, WHAT & WHERE of INSIDE OUT.

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