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INSIDE OUT offers a range of services for young children (ages 7-11) and their teachers.

Magical Days Out

The Magical Day Out is all about planting seeds and lighting sparks.
It is a day of happiness and hands-on learning based on the 5 Keys to Happiness.

  • Catalysts for future development back at school
  • One day workshops
  • Weekly term-time visit to Checkendon Equestrian Centre for groups of 10 children
  • Day-long – 9:30am – 3:00pm
  • Theme-based programme
  • Blend of experiential activities around animals, nature, art and wellbeing give children the opportunity to:

Ride and care for a horse
Explore and discover their natural world
Gain an appreciation for the environment and their role in it
Create nature art
Practice mindful breathing and sensing

Toolbox for Schools

The Toolbox brings the INSIDE OUT magic from the Day Out at Checkendon back into school for more children to experience more often. It is stress-free and adaptable for teachers to use inside or outside the classroom to support children’s learning.

  • Engaging resources
  • Easily integrated into the curriculum
  • Creative and fun

Teacher Training

Training for teachers and teaching assistants to learn about the INSIDE OUT approach including:

Happiness Index

The Happiness Index tracks the impact Inside Out has on children. We are running a pilot of the Happiness Index to refine and improve it and incorporate feedback from participating schools.

  • Simple to use
  • Improves our programme
  • Reports impact to schools and funders

The Skill of Experience

  • Professional team of teachers, outdoor learning and animal experts, artists and mindfulness specialists to guide this unique blend of hands-on learning experiences for children
  • Passionate people who practice what they preach
  • High staff to child ratio to ensure each child gets the guidance, attuned attention and quality support they need

Our Approach

  • Iterate, learn, adapt and grow
  • Infuse our values into everything we do – Have Fun, Keep it Simple, Experiment, Be Kind, Be Mindful 
  • Let passion drive what we do
  • Have the energy and innovation of a start-up culture
  • Empower all involved in the INSIDE OUT experience to have a voice in shaping our present and future
  • Stay up to date on the latest research and recent studies, movements and trends on happiness, nature, wellbeing and mindfulness
  • Ensure the programme remains fresh and relevant

Read more about the WHOWHY, WHAT & WHERE of INSIDE OUT.

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