Welcome to our film. Our goal was to capture the magic of one INSIDE OUT day at the inspiring Checkendon Equestrian Centre in the Oxfordshire countryside. We went for unexpected beautiful moments versus scripted narrative. Emotion over explanation. The ebbs and flows of the day with the 5 Keys to Happiness (Move Outside. Look Inside. Be Kind. Be Curious. Share More) weaving their way through. It was shot by Clare Greenaway with music by BIM (thanks guys). Starring our first group of INSIDE OUTers from Thameside Primary School in Reading.

Our film will take on more meaning if you check out the WHO, WHY, HOW, WHAT, WHERE and BLOG of INSIDE OUT, our innovative self-development programme for young children (ages 7-11) on a mission to inspire children to be happy inside and out. Grounded in the science of happiness, the wonder of nature, and the art of mindfulness.

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