toolbox 710x460Wouldn’t it be great if more children could experience the INSIDE OUT magic more often? That’s why the INSIDE OUT team got together to create our first Toolbox for schools.

This isn’t any ‘ol box of stuff. Whilst it’s simple to use, it’s packed with purpose and passion. It’s geared to help support children’s learning and be integrated into the curriculum in creative ways.

•  Teacher-friendly guide

•  Fun activities based on the 5 Keys to Happiness that last from 5-30 minutes

•  Cool, colourful stickers to motivate children

•  Bright, bold posters and postcards to spread the word about INSIDE OUT

It’s all about inspiring children to feel happy inside and out. It can be used whenever teachers feel the need.

Thameside Primary School is having a ‘Test the Toolbox’ day this month. We’re keen to learn from children and teachers what works … and what doesn’ t … so we can continue to adapt, improve and grow the INSIDE OUT programme for future schools to come.

Watch this space … I’ll let you know how they get on!

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