clouds 710Here it is. I’m slightly obsessed with the painter John Constable. I admit it. His cloud studies have always spoken to me. He did as many as 50 and they are among my favourite paintings in the world. He lived in Hampstead. I now live in Hampstead. I recently discovered that these paintings were of the Heath. Nearly 200 years later, I too have my eyes on the sky over Hampstead. Constable dubbed this ‘skying’ which I just love. He thought the best time for sky-watching was a July or August morning at 9 am …

“when the sun has gained sufficient strength to give splendour to the landscape, still hemmed with the morning dew.”

Can’t wait for summer.

girl with mirror 300So I’ve started thinking, what would Constable say about our INSIDE OUT take on skying. We use mirrors with the children. In my dream dream scenario, I imagine he would be really interested and we would get into an amazing discussion about nature, art, and the power of living in the present moment. We would become great friends and I would ask him if he would become an Honorary Patron of INSIDE OUT.

What would Constable say…?

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