girl and marylou with horseIsn’t it crazy that we often wait until we’re adults to learn the self-development skills to be happy in life?
Why didn’t we learn them as children?

INSIDE OUT is for all children, although it particularly benefits children with:

  • Special educational needs
  • Financial disadvantages (including pupil premium)
  • Low levels of confidence
  • Behavioural and learning challenges
  • Emotional, social and communication issues

Our mission is to inspire children to be happy inside and out because happy children are more likely to fulfil their potential and grow into happy adults.

  • Happy children are healthier children.
  • Happy children are more confident children.
  • Happy children are more motivated children.
  • Happy children achieve more.
  • Happy children spread happiness to other children.
  • Happy children learn better.

Read more about the WHOHOW, WHAT & WHERE of INSIDE OUT.

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