5 Years. 50 Days. 500 Children.


I started with a purpose

To inspire children

To be happy inside and out.

A seed grew into ideas

That formed a plan

Which brought together a team

Who worked hard

To launch a project

Driven by passion

Based on the 5 Keys to Happiness

For children, teachers and schools

At Checkendon Equestrian Centre.

Our first day

Turned into Magical Days Out

We created a Toolbox for schools

Workshops for teachers

And became a registered charity.

We built a tribe

Started an Accreditation pilot

Became part of a movement

That believes happiness fuels success

Not the other way round.

We continued to iterate

To learn what worked

And what didn’t

To feel the weather inside

So we could ride the ups and downs.

Now 5 years

Nearly 50 Magical Days Out

And 500 children later

I still love what I do

And am grateful for all of it.

My most heartfelt thanks

To everyone

Who has played a part

And continues to make it all possible.

What’s next?

A book!