Our New Happiness Index

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To track the impact of Inside Out on children, we have created a Happiness Index linked to our 5 Keys to Happiness, which is fun and simple to use with our Happy Horseshoe form that you can see above.


This impact measurement tool will improve our programme and report impact to schools and funders. We launched the Happiness Index this Autumn with Hagbourne CE Primary School, Ranikhet Academy and Thameside Primary School to help us refine and improve the Happiness Index and incorporate feedback from our partner schools.

Why do we track happiness?

Because happy children learn better! Inside Out understands that happiness fuels success, and not the other way around. Recent research in Neuroscience and Positive Psychology identifies that the best indicator of success in adulthood is not a child’s academic achievement, but their emotional health in childhood. The World Innovation Summit for Health states that children’s wellbeing should be a major objective for schools.

Inside Out aims to provide a whole-school approach to address this global call to action, helping schools to tackle the challenges posed by mental health problems, exam stress and anxiety.

Ultimately, Inside Out helps schools to prioritise wellbeing, and helps children feel and learn better.

What is happiness?

At Inside Out we believe happiness is a combination of self-awareness, being active, sharing, curiosity and kindness. To express this, we have developed the 5 Keys to Happiness which are launched at a Magical Day Out and embedded in school through our School Toolbox and Teacher Training.

How does the Happiness Index work?

For the pilot, each child receives a self-assessed and teacher-assessed Happiness Index rating plus an overall happiness rating before and up to 3 months after their Magical Day Out. These are combined to create a Happiness Index ‘score’ for each child.

Alongside case studies of academic and personal progress, this data will show the impact of Inside Out on children’s happiness and learning over time. Long-term, the Happiness Index will be developed as a leading wellbeing measurement tool for schools.



Building Our Tribe

“What people really want is the ability to connect with each other”
— Seth Godin, Tribes

One of the most rewarding things about Inside Out is that I get to surround myself with great people. People who encourage, push, inspire and challenge me. I thank my lucky stars every single day.

We are building our tribe. People connected by their passion to make a difference to the wellbeing of our children. People who understand that happiness fuels success, not the other way around.

And our tribe is connecting with each other. Mindfulness experts with outdoor learning experts. Teachers from one school with parents from another. Positive psychologists with entrepreneurs.

Here are the 8 schools we are working with in Berkshire and Oxfordshire:

  • Thameside Primary School

  • The Palmer Academy

  • Ranikhet Academy

  • The Ridgeway Primary School

  • Caversham Park Primary School

  • Windmill Primary School

  • John Blandy Primary School

  • Hagbourne CE Primary School

Our tribe continues to grow. If you or your school want to find out more about our work, I’d love to hear from you. You can email me here.

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