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Inside Out supports primary school children, aged 7-11. Our beneficiaries are young, in order that we cultivate happiness as early as possible. Our programme aims to create happy learners throughout schools, and works in two ways:

1. As a wellbeing intervention for targeted vulnerable and underperforming children, especially those in receipt of Pupil Premium funding, with low levels of confidence, Special Educational Needs and Social Emotional Mental Health needs.

2. As a prevention of mental health issues for children across year groups.

Through the development of our whole-school approach, Inside Out aims to foster a culture of wellbeing back at school, and is therefore designed to be of benefit to all children.

The Benefits

The inspirational effect on children is significant and lasting. Children gain a ‘toolkit’ of life skills and activities that they can use in their everyday lives to help them reduce stress, find focus, increase confidence and resilience to feel better and learn better.

These are skills that help to support their learning and have been integrated in creative ways into the curriculums of the schools that have participated in the programme.  It is well proven that:

  • Playing the natural world is vital for children’s wellbeing
  • Mindfulness helps children de-stress and stay focused
  • Interacting with horses, children build character
  • Happy children are healthy children

 Over half of the children who experience mental illnesses in childhood will suffer from a mental illness again as adults.

(World Innovation Summit for Health, 2015)


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